Authoring Platform Update 1.2: User Interface Updates

Post by Capsim
October 19, 2020
Authoring Platform Update 1.2: User Interface Updates

October 19, 2020

Changing Contacts to Characters

We made a few updates with a more common writing approach in mind. You’ll find that we’ve universally changed the term “Contact” to “Character” across the platform. Similarly, “Theme” has been updated to “Icon Color,” a literal term to connotate how this feature is used. This feature will now also update the icons for instant messages, in addition to emails.

Email Animations

Email animations will now more closely resemble a familiar flow. As new emails enter the Inbox, and as your users respond to that content, you’ll see a more accurate representation of an actual email interface.

Feedback Checkbox Acts as a Toggle in the Builder

Capsim created a few other updates for a cleaner experience. To free up space, the Feedback checkbox now acts as a toggle in the Builder. You’ll only see the text box with the checkbox selected. You’ll see some styling changes to spacing, sizing, and colors of a handful of areas within the Builder.

Finally, a couple of updates to support materials: we’ve re-released the Welcome video with minor updates and tweaked our Help & Support page’s layout.

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