Avoid Rookie Mistakes And Get Paid To Display Your Art: Art Consultant And Education Technology Firm Seeking New Artists For Corporate Exhibition

Post by Capsim
September 13, 2013

Chicago, IL – Who ever sold their art by keeping it in the closet? Art Advisory, Ltd. and Capsim Management Simulations, Inc. are seeking art submissions and ten Chicago area BFA or MFA students to display their work during a 6-month corporate exhibition beginning January 7, 2013. The exhibition will be housed in Capsim’s downtown Chicago office.

One of the most important steps in a new artist’s career is getting noticed. Art Consultant, Susan Blackman, President of Art Advisory, Ltd., says being “artsy” won’t sell art. Getting and keeping a potential client’s attention through savvy promotion will. It comes down to honing something many artists shy away from: business skills.

As an education company focused on developing business skills, Capsim saw an opportunity to support new artists and boost their business acumen by teaming up with Blackman on both the exhibition and a “Business of Art” seminar.

“The starving artist syndrome is something these talented students could easily walk away from if given the right tools for business success,” said Capsim’s Chief of Staff Wendy Guest. “This project is on par with Capsim’s mission to help business students acquire the experience necessary to be ready for management.” The company will pay a stipend of $500 to each student selected to exhibit their work during the 6-month period.

When it comes to answering a call to promote their work through a corporate exhibition such as this one, what can a new artist do to avoid coming across as just another rookie? According to Blackman:

  1. Fulfill every requirement.
  2. Show up on time for interviews.
  3. Know how to hang or display their art.
  4. Be able to explain their art.
  5. Do their research.


The last item is one of Blackman’s pet peeves. “I get calls that start out like this all the time: ‘Um, I’m an artist, and I’m wondering, um, what I can do to send you some stuff?'”

Blackman will review each student’s work during a “Business of Art” seminar later in the year. The artists will also have the opportunity to show their work to prospective clients by pre-arranged appointment through Susan’s company, Art Advisory, Ltd.

For more information on the exhibition, please visithttps://capsim.com/go/v/business_of_art. To schedule interviews with Capsim or Susan Blackman, contact Wendy Guest at wendy@capsim.com or 312.477.7200.

About Art Advisory, Ltd.

Art Advisory, Ltd. is a fine art consulting firm that helps clients transform spaces with visually satisfying artwork that inspires, motivates and impresses. Representing their needs, wants, values, culture and environment to the art world, Art Advisory, Ltd. guides corporate and institutional clients through the process of art collection acquisition, installation and management. For more information, please visithttp://www.artadvisoryltd.com.

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