Dummy-Proofing An Artist's Business Plan: Consultant To Teach Students The Basics Of Selling And Promoting Art

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September 27, 2012

Capsim Management Simulations, Inc. Partners with Art Consultant to Sponsor “The Business of Art” Student Seminar and Art Exhibition


Chicago, IL September 27, 2012 – Move over Donald Trump: Art Consultant Susan Blackman, President of Art Advisory, Ltd., will critique local art students during “The Business of Art” seminar on Friday, September 28, from 2pm-5pm at the 55 E. Monroe Street offices of Capsim Management Simulations and Goldberg Kohn. While she won’t be as harsh as “The Donald,” Blackman will go through each student exhibitor’s portfolio and “slam them…in a very nice way.”

With 25 years of experience in the art world, including owning one gallery, managing five and consulting with a long list of Chicago firms, Blackman brings a business mindset that is foreign to many new artists. Capsim’s Wendy Guest recognized this and approached Blackman with the idea of sponsoring a student art exhibit. Capsim delivers business simulations designed to build business acumen in students – bringing art students together to talk business seemed a perfect fit.

Now just what does “business acumen” mean? Well, there’s book knowledge and there’s street knowledge. When it comes to promoting themselves, Blackman mentions the tendency of some artists to act a little too much like right-brained creative types than left-brained business people. Her seminar will discuss ways to build their street smarts, impressing on them the reality that they are in business for themselves.

The artwork of more than a dozen students is on display at the Capsim offices through the end of the year. Capsim paid each student $500 for loaning their pieces for six months. “Because Capsim is an education company, we wanted to do more than just display the paintings on our walls,” says Guest. “Offering these talented students the business skills they need to be successful in their careers as artists is on par with Capsim’s mission to give collegiates the business smarts necessary to be leaders in their occupations.”

About Art Advisory, Ltd.

Art Advisory, Ltd. is a fine art consulting firm that helps clients transform spaces with visually satisfying artwork that inspires, motivates and impresses. Representing their needs, wants, values, culture and environment to the art world, Art Advisory, Ltd. guides corporate and institutional clients through the process of art collection acquisition, installation and management. For more information, please visit www.artadvisoryltd.com.

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