CapsimCore Enhancement: Student Success Measures Added as an Alternate Scoring Option

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October 1, 2020
CapsimCore Enhancement: Student Success Measures Added as an Alternate Scoring Option

Capsim defines its success by the success of its clients. Professors have been asking for alternative types of scoringincluding tougher grading scalesin CapsimCore.

You spoke, and we listened. 

Previously in CapsimCore, as long as students earned higher financial metrics from the previous round, and avoided an emergency loan, they would earn gold stars.

CapsimCore was originally created in 2016 for entry-level business courses. Stars made sensewe want to encourage sustainable improvements.

But not every student, and not every course, is the same. And we respect that. Over time, our tool has evolved to teach a wide variety of courses at different levels, including MBA programs.

A need arose to create a more encompassing grading metric. We want students to walk away with an in-depth understanding, and a grading system that reflects that. We want our tools to be flexible and adaptable. So we added an additional way to score. 

We’re excited to share our latest CapsimCore enhancement that adds the option for instructors to utilize success measures to evaluate student performance.


Professors now have the ability to choose which metrics and weights they use to assess their students.

Metrics are now based on a weighted-point system. This allows professors to put a greater emphasis on what matters in their courses.

Total Score

Additionally, when instructors click on the “total score” from the Results page, success measures will display a pop-up modal with the calculations on how the score is computed.

This is great for providing students with insight into the breakdown of their scores. 

Our update is easy-to-use and practical. Professors shared their need to easily export data. Now, results can be conveniently exported into excel files for easy access with a click of a button. This gives instructors the ability to upload the data into their gradebooks from a CSV file. 


Professors now have two options in their gradebook depending on their preferences. The image below displays the gradebook with success measures selected.

Individualized Results

Success measures can now be sorted in ascending or descending order, depending on the rank of students. And now, results can also be filtered down to a single category.

So that means Jonathan, who might be leading the class in profit, is ranked 30th in the class for ROE. Our update allows you to access more data to assist with debriefing your students. 

But you can still leverage gold stars, too.

Questions or Feedback?

Your success is our success. Please email if you have any feedback or questions for us. 

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