Authoring Platform Update 1.4: Page Consistency

After our most recent updates, we spent time bringing a more consistent format across the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. You’ll find that each page, from Skills to Administration, now follows an identical format with additional clarity on the page’s goal.

Authoring Platform Update 1.3: Left Hand Navigation

With the goal in mind of creating a more streamlined Inbox creation process, we’ve moved to a standardized left-hand navigation menu.

Authoring Platform Update 1.2: User Interface Updates

We made a few updates with a more common writing approach in mind. You’ll find that we’ve universally changed the term “Contact” to “Character” across the platform. Similarly, “Theme” has been updated to “Icon Color,” a literal term to connotate

Authoring Platform Update 1.1: Enhanced Saving Features

Our team has received a lot of feedback on our saving functionality’s reactivity — we’ve heard you loud and clear! We’ve updated our saving to be more proactive. Rather than waiting on a specific action, you’ll find that saving will