Coach & QR Codes With Fast-Tip Videos

Post by Capsim
September 13, 2013

QR codes are everywhere – on billboards, in newspapers, on bus advertising: even in the Capsim Team Member Guides, linking to fast-tip videos that are also available under Coach in the Capsim spreadsheet.

Capsim’s QR codes/Coach videos are designed to help students grasp key concepts in the simulation more quickly.

More and more, students expect their information to be served up quickly and conveniently. In the early stages of a simulation, basic “how to” information is crucial for students – and it’s important the information is delivered at the right time and in a form they can easily understand. The informational videos under ‘Coach’, or linked to the QR codes, give a quick overview of the main decision making areas in the simulation: R&D, Marketing, Finance and Production, along with additional modules such as Human Resources and Labor.

To read the QR codes in the Team Member Guide, all your students need is a free app (one they probably own already) and to hold their device above the code.

Here is a sample video from the Capstone QR/Coach series.

cap 1-questions (1)

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