Featured Professor: Janis Dietz

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September 9, 2011

Professor Janis Dietz wants her business classes to be as close to real life as possible, so she sets performance goals for her students during each round of Capstone Business Simulation in her course. If they reach their targets – just as in the real world – they earn a bonus.

Professor Dietz has used Capsim Business Simulations for the past eleven years, developing techniques like this along the way. Her expertise using Capstone to prepare her students for the business world is just one of the reasons Capsim is proud to announce her as our first Featured Professor of the Month. Dr. Janis Dietz has taught Strategic Management for the past 15 years at the University of La Verne in Southern California, The College of Business & Public Management, which educates over 800 business majors a year.

Professor Dietz has seen great results using Capsim’s business simulations. Her class also incorporates a textbook with case studies so the workload is heavy for undergraduates in their final semester of college, but Professor Dietz receives a very positive reaction. Through a fast moving and competitive exercise, the simulation allows students to apply the theory they’ve learned in practice.

“We get a number of letters and emails from students who have gone on to such companies as Deloitte and Ernst & Young, telling us that this is the most important course they took,” Dietz said. “They tell us that Capstone prepared them for their jobs like no other course in college.” It’s a sentiment often echoed by Capsim alumni across the globe.

By mirroring the business world in the classroom, Professor Dietz gives her students a leg up on the competition.

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