Help & Support Expands to Organize More Resources

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October 19, 2022
Help & Support Expands to Organize More Resources

We're excited to share updates to the Help & Support pages in the CapsimCore, CapsimGlobal, CapsimOps, and Capstone 2.0 simulations that will help facilitate a smoother teaching experience for you.

Over time, our simulations’ resources have expanded to include content and activities inspired by our community of instructors and the needs of their learners. As the library grew, so did the challenge of organizing and providing access to the right resources at the right time.


For professors, materials are now organized by when they should be utilized:

  1. Pre-Course
  2. During-Course
  3. Post-Course


 In addition to the reorganization, we've added new and updated resources that can be used throughout your course.

Instructors also have access to all participant materials. These materials are tagged with a participant icon for easy identification.

Revamped Participant Help & Support

Speaking of the participant help and support page… we’ve revamped that, too! The new participant page is broken down into four sections: 

  1. Simulation Information and Guides
  2. Video Library
  3. Worksheets and Activities
  4. Contact Us 

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We highly encourage you to get in and explore these updates. They greatly streamline and enhance the learning experience. If you need any tips or tricks on implementing them, you can reach us at

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