Modular-XM™ Comparative Report Update

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June 30, 2021
Modular-XM™ Comparative Report Update

Capsim Modular-XM™ is a flexible exam platform that measures student proficiency against course learning objectives and streamlines reporting for accreditation. 

Assessments are customizable, graded, and can be implemented across the entire business curriculum to obtain uniformed LOA data that aligns with the course and program learning objectives.

Introducing Modular-XM Comparative Report

We’ve introduced the Modular-XM comparative report to help professors understand how their students compare to other test-takers worldwide. 

The horizontal bar chart provides a visual overview of the class average versus the population average on a subject level. Clicking on the subject generates a drill-down analysis of the learning objectives covered under the subject area.

Comparative Data Analysis-1Now professors and university departments have the data to understand how their students measure up to the Modular-XM student population.

Enhance Your Assessment Process Today. 

Want to see how you can integrate Modular-XM into your course or program? Click here to schedule your 1:1 demo with a Solution Specialist.

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