How to Add Proctoring to Comp-XM with Proctorio

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November 16, 2022
How to Add Proctoring to Comp-XM with Proctorio

To protect academic integrity and ensure exam fairness, Capsim offers a free exam proctoring service – Proctorio, to help schools monitor and flag suspicious behaviors in online exams.


Capsim’s partnership with Proctorio brings a comprehensive proctoring solution directly within Comp-XM — at no additional cost to you.

With the automated integration, instructors can: 

  • Validate that their students are the ones taking the exam
  • Ensure no one else is helping them complete the exam
  • View flagged recordings of suspicious behavior
  • Enable students to take proctored exams wherever, whenever
  • + more

How to Get Started with Proctorio

Proctorio can be added to an existing exam or during the setup process with the simple check of a box.

Comp_XM_Proctorio (1)


Proctorio operates via a Chrome Browser extension. Students follow a step-by-step process in the Google Chrome browser to set up Proctorio for their exams. After verifying students’ identity via a webcam and photo ID, Proctorio monitors movements, screen activity, and the testing environment automatically during the exam. 

Proctorio_Chrome_Extension (1)

For a quick walkthrough of the process, watch our video of how it works. 


Please reach out to our support team at, if you have any questions or need help setting up Proctorio exam proctoring for your Comp-XM. 

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