Introducing CapsimInbox Pilot Pass

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December 7, 2020
Introducing CapsimInbox Pilot Pass

After speaking with educators and learners in our community, one thing is certain: the future of higher education is ambiguous. This year has been challenging. Not feeling completely comfortable navigating online and switching to new solutions. Struggling with connectivity issues. Balancing between engaged learners and distracted students. It’s tough to collaborate through a computer screen. 

We hear you. And we’re here to help.

Beginning this January, Capsim will be running a free promotion: the CapsimInbox Pilot Pass.

Immersing Learners in Real-World Situations, Free of Charge

Every month in 2021, our Capsim community will be able to take a community-created CapsimInbox version out for a test drive and integrate it into their courses, free. 

What's CapsimInbox?

CapsimInbox is a simulated email platform where each day-in-the-life experience immerses learners in real-world situations while assessing essential skills with every reply. Our microsimulations provide instructors with quick & easy ways to engage students in practical, relevant, and hands-on learning experiences. Feedback has been positive from the community; we want to bring it to more people.

How does Pilot Pass work?

One week before the first of every month in 2021, we will announce the version of CapsimInbox available to pilot. Why one week prior? While CapsimInbox requires minimal administrative work, we want to ensure you have the maximum amount of time to plan ahead and get building. Our platform is easy to use, but we want to maximize your time. And we’re always available if you have questions.

Who else can get involved?

We’re excited you’re excited, and we invite our Capsim customers to share the CapsimInbox Pilot Pass with their colleagues. We just ask your referrals include your email address when they sign up.

What will January’s microsimulation be?

We’re looking forward to having our CapsimInbox Pilot Pass users take Crisis Management out for a spin. Check out a blog post on the author behind the simulation, Dr. John Parnell, and what drove his creation process.

How have professors reacted to CapsimInbox Pilot Pass?

Dawn Lezon, the Director of Accounting Programs at Monroe College, implemented CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting in her undergraduate course.

Because Monroe College has a philosophy focused on training students for a job, the program propels students into Introduction to Accounting in their first semester. The course integrates the language of accounting, generally accepted accounting principles, journalizing, and posting. And Monroe’s philosophy focuses on training students for the workforce. But something was missing. 

After taking CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting herself, “it was eye-opening to me, honestly,” Professor Lezon said. That’s saying something, coming from someone with 30 years of experience overseeing the finance industry and working as a CFO of an investment firm. 

“It was real life.” 

Get Started with CapsimInbox Pilot Pass Today.

If you’re interested in an offer, visit the CapsimInbox Pilot Pass webpage linked in each announcement email and submit the form. A Capsim representative will follow up with your account info and answer any questions you may have. Register to be a part of CapsimInbox Pilot Pass here.

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