Enhancement Release - 6/22/2015

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June 22, 2015
Enhancement Release - 6/22/2015

We launched our enhancement release for May, which featured several enhancements for GlobalDNA. Specifically, we have updated GlobalDNA in the following ways:

  • Resolved an issue with starting Material Cost in Round 0.
  • Adjusted the calculation for Total Accessibility in the interface to match the Customer Satisfaction Score and reflect the highest segment accessibility.
  • Created a brand new set of Computer Decisions to better reflect the assigned computer team strategies.
  • Fixed an issue with slightly depressed Customer Satisfaction Scores.
  • Resolved other bugs occurring after users sold capacity and retired bonds early.

Lastly, yesterday marked the start of our Closed Beta period for Comp-XM for GlobalDNA. If you are interested in finding out more about Comp-XM for GlobalDNA, please contact us at welcome@capsim.com.

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