One simple way to improve team performance

Post by Capsim
July 8, 2015

Team performance is crucial in the modern workplace. To better prepare students, most professors assign team projects. But without feedback, it’s easy for students to develop bad habits. One simple way to help students identify these negative behaviors is through peer evaluations.

Peer evaluations have an immediate impact

Peer evaluations help create accountability among team members. When students know individual contributions will be assessed by fellow team members, they are more inclined to do their fair share. Grading team projects also becomes easier for professors. The evaluations collect a wealth of data to draw from, which allows a much more in-depth view of how their curriculum is working, as well as the progress of their students.

However, peer evaluations should be more than just a grading tool. Students also need to be more self-aware of their performance through feedback. The conventional paper and pencil evaluation creates limitations. Due to the manual efforts needed for data aggregation, finding time to provide feedback is difficult. Using an online peer evaluation, such as Capsim’s TeamMATE, not only saves professors time collecting the data, but also provides automated and personalized action items to improve individual and team performance.

Teamwork is essential to your students’ future careers.  Multiple peer evaluations throughout a project will help students develop teamwork skills, better preparing them for the modern workplace.

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