Showcase Your Students’ Success with a Certificate of Completion

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September 15, 2021
Showcase Your Students’ Success with a Certificate of Completion

There’s no better feeling for a student than completing a course. But aside from the final transcript, there’s not much else to demonstrate a student's hard work, dedication, and accomplishments throughout the term.

We’re excited to announce that professors who use Capstone or Foundation in their classrooms can now award their students with a Certificate of Completion. This automated certificate includes the student’s name, school name, and signature from Capsim’s President, Reda Chafai.

Capsim_Certificate-of-Completion_Capstone-Sample (1)

Professors can now make this certificate available within the “Report Availability” section under Reports.

certificate 1

Once the professor has made the certificate available, a button for the certificate will appear within the student dashboard, as well as their debrief reports.

certificate 2-1

certificate 3

We understand that your students are proud of their hard work. Now it’s time to display their success with this Certificate of Completion.

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