How to Get the Most Out of Team Projects (and Retain Your Sanity) in Virtual Environments

It’s challenging enough during “normal” times to create a learning environment where students are highly engaged, thinking critically, and effectively collaborating. Add to the mix the uncertainties of transitioning to blended or fully online courses and the challenges are amplified.

Webinar: Moving your Capsim course online

Online teaching expert Dr. Tawnya Means shares best practices and pitfalls to avoid when moving your course online. As a Capsim power user, she outlines how she delivers her Capsim courses virtually and spends time answering questions. Dr. Means is

Webinar: How to Enhance Your Curriculum Through Experiential Learning

About the Webinar Many business schools are looking to expand the use of experiential learning across the curriculum. However, this is often a tall order for administrators due to the challenges they face: Ensuring consistency and continuity across the curriculum

Webinar: How to accurately identify skills gaps (in under 30 minutes)

About the Webinar With over 80% of talent development professionals reporting a skills shortage in their organization, accurately finding and fixing these gaps is more important than ever. But where do we start? Join us for our How to accurately

Webinar: The Importance of Soft Skill Development

About the Webinar As we continue our commitment to develop tomorrow’s business leaders, we invite you join us for a discussion on soft skills and their importance to your students’ college and career readiness. Leveraging 34 years of experience providing

Webinar: Personalizing the Simulation Learning Experience

About the Webinar Our priority at Capsim is to empower you to cultivate, develop and inspire the next generation of business leaders. One way to help accomplish this is by providing you with the ability to tailor the simulation experience

Webinar: The Future of Capsim

About the Webinar Over the last few years, we have been working on some new and exciting functionalities to enhance the Capsim® experience for our users. We are thrilled to finally reveal these during our 1-hour webinar: The Future of

Webinar: Assessing and Developing Ethical Decision Making Skills

About the Webinar Every business school has one goal in common: preparing students for career success. Reaching this goal means identifying, measuring, and improving the skills that are most critical to professional success. Large-scale surveys of employers routinely identify a