Webinar – Getting More out of Group Projects: Turning Team-Based Projects into Effective Learning & Assessment Experiences

About the Webinar

Team projects are ubiquitous in today’s colleges and universities. The good news is that there is substantial value in requiring these group-based projects. Teams make virtually all of the important decisions in contemporary organizations and ample research shows teamwork skills are highly desirable, yet quite rare in the labor market. Further still, interpersonal competence has become a common theme in the learning goals we create for our programs.

The key challenge facing educational institutions is how to best ensure students are truly gaining the interpersonal competence needed for working in teams, while at the same time capturing meaningful data to inform learning assessment and accreditation processes.

In this webinar, Dr. Erich Dierdorff outlines how your school can get more out team projects by leveraging direct assessment of teamwork skills for accreditation purposes and providing real-time feedback to make these projects true learning experiences for your students.

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