Leadership Accelerator

Turn Your Talent into Strategic Leaders

The Leadership Accelerator is a co-designed business acumen workshop that provides a rich, simulation-based learning experience tailored to your needs—combined with expert facilitation and flexible delivery.



The sim-based training fueling today’s high-impact leadership development
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Immersive Business Acumen Training Tailored to Your Goals

It is not enough to be a competent specialist in today's business world. Successful companies need leaders who can work collaboratively with a broad understanding of strategy, operations, finance—and how they all interact.

The Leadership Accelerator gives your learners a rich, immersive, and hands-on environment to:

  • Understand the importance of focus in strategic implementation

  • Experience the cross-functional impact of each business area

  • Analyze and react to external market demands

  • Interpret financial statements and market data


A Rich and Immersive Learning Experience

Participants enter a dynamic head-to-head competition, aiming to maximize their financials and attract the attention of Wall Street. While each team decides its strategic direction and benchmarks for success, it's not the strategy that determines the winner. It's how well teams execute against their strategy.

Tailored to Your Needs
Our flexible simulation platforms let you fine-tune the experience to your learning outcomes. From introducing sustainability considerations to imposing a recession with interest rates mirroring the real-world, we provide the tools to bring learning to life in a context that matters.
Delivered Wherever and Whenever—by Experts
The Leadership Accelerator can be delivered online, onsite, or hybrid—and over the course of 1-2 days or even several months.
We also provide expert facilitators that not only answer participant questions, but:

  • Tailor end-of-round debriefs and discussions to your priorities
  • Apply lessons from the simulation back to your business
  • Keep participants motivated and engaged throughout the experience
 If you want to use your own trainers as facilitators, we offer a train-the-trainer program to get them up to speed.