Hard Measures for 'Soft Skill' Learning Goals

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Virtually every school has a learning goal related to interpersonal or leadership skills. Yet, schools routinely struggle with how to measure these important goals.

When schools do operationalize these goals, it’s usually with less than robust measures like tests, term papers, self-reflection essays, and so forth. But just because we call them ‘soft skills’ doesn’t mean they need to be softly measured.

This eBook outlines how your school can effectively capture key information for accreditation purposes on these difficult-to-measure soft skill learning goals while at the same time providing essential developmental feedback that facilitates the career success of your school’s future alumni.

Effectively Measure Soft Skills

What's in this eBook?

In this free eBook, you'll discover:

  • The current state of soft skill assessment 
  • Methods for evaluating soft skill learning programs
  • How to extract rare and meaningful data for assessment 
  • Developmental strategies for assessing improvement 

Hard Measures for Soft Skills