Feature Showcase
Comparing CapsimCore and the CapsimCore Bundle

Since its inception, the CapsimCore business simulation has evolved into two distinct offerings: CapsimCore and the CapsimCore Bundle.

To help ensure instructors make the right choice for their specific needs, we created a video sharing the story behind the evolution and a side-by-side feature comparison.

Video Transcript

"Hello, everyone. I'm Eric Smith, the director of Client Services here at Capsim. Today, we're going to talk about Capsim Core, specifically some of the features present in the Capsim Core bundle. We'll discuss how this product has evolved since its inception and how it has become two different simulations.

For some quick background, Capsim started with two simulations called Capstone and Foundation. Our Foundation simulation was a simplified version of Capstone. Some customers in the Foundation group consistently told us that Capstone was too hard for their students. In response, we developed Capsim Core with the goal of creating a simpler approach, less detail in the reports, an easier decision-making interface, and something that even non-business majors could handle. We also introduced a textbook with Capsim Core called 'Intro to Business: A Primer.' The Capsim Core bundle included this textbook. As time went on, we had a satisfied group of customers using what I call Capsim Core Basic, the simulation without the textbook. Simultaneously, there was another group that wanted more, leading to requests for additional content and enhancements. The differences between the Core bundle and what I call Core Basic have continued to grow. The focus of this video is to highlight those differences and help you choose the right simulation for your course.

Let's dive in. The first difference is in the level of detail in the reporting. I won't talk about every little difference, but in general, there's more information available in the Core bundle version. There is more detail in the reports as well. For example, if we look at income statements, there's more information in the Core bundle compared to the basic version. The same is true for the cash flow statement and the balance sheet. Additionally, there are company-level financials available in the Core bundle, including the stock and bond summary.

Moving on to Proformas, there are differences between Core Basic and the bundle version. In Core Basic, you'll find a projected star summary as the default scoring method. This same Proforma is also available in the bundle. However, in the bundle, you can also toggle the balance scorecard as the primary scoring method. This allows students to see a projected scorecard along with other financials, such as ratios, the cash flow statement, the income statement, and the balance sheet. These are available in the bundle but not in the basic version.

Optional modules, HR and TQM, are available in the bundle version. Both of these modules can be included at your discretion. They're not overly complicated and can aid students' performance. If you have questions about HR and TQM, feel free to reach out to the support team. These modules are not available in the basic version. The balance scorecard is also available in the bundle but not in the basic version. It's important to note that you need HR and TQM to be on to use the balance scorecard as your grading option.

The Top 10 report, a way to track the top decile of students, is available in the Core bundle. This is for bragging rights, and students enjoy knowing if they rank in the top 10.

Lastly, we have the e-text 'Intro to Business: A Primer.' This e-text allows you to schedule chapter quizzes on Capsim. It's a robust question bank, and grades flow directly into your Capsim Gradebook. This makes it easy to deliver the simulation and use the textbook within the same course.

That's a summary of the differences between the Core bundle and Core Basic versions. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thank you for your time."