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Customizing the Simulation with Additional Modules

No two course are exactly alike. That's why our simulations are designed with the flexibility needed to meet your learning goals.

One of the ways you can adapt the simulation to your specific needs is with Additional Modules. Additional Modules let you introduce new topics and depth to the decisions within the simulation.

Watch Tyler O'Neill, Product Manager at Capsim, provide a walkthrough of two of our most popular modules: Global Initiatives and Community Involvement Initiatives.

Video Transcript

Tyler, Senior Product Owner at Capsim: "Hello everyone, I'm Tyler, senior product owner at Capsim. Our simulations are designed with flexibility to fit your learning goals. One of the ways that you can customize your simulation experience is to add an additional module, introducing additional topics and levers into the strategic landscape. Our suite of additional modules allows you to cover concepts that expand beyond our standard simulations. If you're looking for a specific subject that isn't represented here, we can even partner to create something custom to meet your needs.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at two of our most popular modules: Community Involvement Initiatives and Global Initiatives.

The Community Involvement Initiatives module is a great option if you are looking to incorporate elements of corporate social responsibility into the simulation. At a high level, this module asks students to consider investing profits back into the community with initiatives that offer different strategic opportunities. Community Involvement Initiatives will live in its own custom Department page and is available in rounds one through eight.

Let's take a closer look at the decisions. Here you can see the Standalone Department that's in addition to R&D, marketing, production, and finance. Each initiative has an investment slider, and you can learn more about the decision by clicking the blue information bubble. The options that users can invest in are:

  • Local Health initiatives
  • Boost local consumption
  • Support local media
  • Provide scholarships to local students
  • Community beautification/infrastructure programs
  • Underserved Community Employment Program

As you can imagine, these opportunities have different outcomes. Some boost awareness and demand; others will reduce labor cost or R&D cycle time. Users can monitor and experiment with the impacts as they update directly on the page. As with any of our other additional modules, this introduces new approaches to gaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

To recap, the Community Involvement Initiative module asks participants to consider investing profits back into the community. It's a great way to generate discussions about corporate responsibility and the different approaches a business can take.

Next, let's dive into the Global Initiatives module, another popular add-on to our simulations. This is a simple way to add an international angle to the competition. As you probably know, CapsimGlobal is a simulation dedicated to a global scenario with customers in different regions, international shipping, multiple currencies, etc. But if your course doesn't call for a complete immersion into international business strategy or you'd like to introduce the topic but maybe not focus on it in every lesson, the Global Initiatives module might be perfect for you. Available in rounds four through eight, these decisions will appear embedded within the marketing department.

When scheduled, the Global Initiatives decisions will appear in the middle of the marketing department. Again, participants can learn more about each investment by clicking on the blue info bubble. Here you have the opportunity to:

  • Hire International Distributors
  • Invest in foreign advertising
  • Incorporate product customization to target international customers

These decisions will have yearly and cumulative impacts on material cost, demand, awareness, and accessibility.

To recap, the Global Initiatives module adds an international mindset to the marketing department, allowing you to incorporate the topic of international business into the simulation without making it the main focus. It's a great way to tee up a lesson about global strategy.

So there you have it, a quick look into two of our most popular additional modules. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Capsim can customize your simulation experience to meet your learning goals, please reach out to We look forward to hearing from you."