Soft Skill Development: Ensuring Success Beyond the Classroom

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The importance of soft skills and their impact on career progression is well recognized by educators. Yet, schools routinely fail to effectively assess and develop soft skills in their students.

Learn how to successfully assess and develop the soft skills that directly impact your students’ employability and promotability.

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What's in this eBook?

In this free eBook, you'll discover:

  • What soft skills are
  • The challenges instructors and schools face with the assessment of these skills
  • The 5 key soft skills desired most by hiring organizations
  • How to effectively and efficiently assess and develop soft skills in your students
  • How to meet accreditation requirements without sacrificing student development


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Why should professors and administrators care about soft skills? While many understand that technical skills (or "hard skills" get students noticed, it’s oftentimes soft skills that get them promoted and ultimately lead to sustained long-term success.