Balanced Scorecard and Percentile Rankings Available for CapsimCore

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November 9, 2023
Balanced Scorecard and Percentile Rankings Available for CapsimCore

While the Star Scoring method is easy to grasp and ideal for students who are new to business concepts, you may find yourself in situations where a comprehensive approach is more appropriate. 

That’s why we are excited to announce that the CapsimCore Bundle now features an additional scoring method: The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic management framework used by leading organizations around the globe to align their strategy with daily operations. It provides a balanced approach by evaluating performance across four organizational pillars: 

  • Financial 
  • Internal Business Process 
  • Customer 
  • Learning & Growth 

If you're using the CapsimCore Bundle, you can select the Balanced Scorecard scoring method under Course Settings and access results on the left-hand side of your Course Portal.


In addition to this update, we have added the Percentile Ranking – Top Ten. The Balanced Scorecard Percentile Rankings compare each team’s performance to the total population of eligible CapsimCore teams. Instructors will also have access to the Top Ten Leaderboard, which displays qualifying teams that scored in the top ten percent.


Note: To be eligible for percentile rankings, ensure that HR and TQM are activated on/after rounds 2 and 3 (respectively), and that there are at least six competitive teams (human or computer).

Providing alternative scoring methods lets you evaluate your students with the criteria that best fit your course. Additionally, comparative data offers deeper insights into your students’ performance and invites a competitive edge into the classroom.

For more information on this update or any other features included in the CapsimCore Bundle, please get in touch with me or the support team at

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