Webinar – From Results to Action: The What, When, and How of Learning Interventions

About the Webinar

We’ve collected the outcomes and analyzed the data. We’ve summarized the results and set our comparative benchmarks. We also know that ‘closing the loop’ is the sine qua non of assurance of learning for accreditation — yet, it is one of the most challenging aspects of the accreditation process.

So, how do we best accomplish this? How do we ensure that we are drawing justifiable, evidence-based conclusions? What kinds of interventions are available and practical to implement? How do we overcome the obstacles that often confront us when we strive to use learning assessment to enhance educational quality?

Dr. Erich Dierdorff discusses answers to these key questions. From the webinar you will learn about various approaches to interpret your program’s results, link these findings to a variety of available interventions, and address common obstacles that impede program improvement.

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