SR Business Solutions Uses Capsim to Empower Women Aspiring to Be Entrepreneurs

Case Study – Suman

Suman Rangabhasyam of SR Business Solutions harnessed the power of simulation-based learning to empower women in her community with the business skills needed to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Key Points 
  • Many women in Professor Rangabhasyam’s community had entrepreneurial dreams yet didn’t have the necessary educational background to make them a reality. As a successful entrepreneur, Suman wanted to find a way to empower local women to pursue their dreams without risking it all.
  • Professor Rangabhasyam's intensive programs help women in her community discover how to take their ideas a step further by learning practical skills to manage day-to-day business operations, including budgeting, workforce management, and forecasting. 
  • Professor Rangabhasyam uses several different simulations to prepare her learners to make their business dreams a reality. 
  • Simulations have provided women in Professor Rangabhasyam's community a vital opportunity to test their skills and assess areas for development before ever having to invest a rupee.

Many women in India don’t have the decision-making power or the resources to build a future for themselves outside their homes. That’s where Suman Rangabhashyam, a passionate business coach and educator in India, felt the need to step in. 

“We have so many ladies who are housewives yet would love to work given the opportunity,” Professor Rangabhasyam began. “But they just don’t have the self-confidence to take themselves forward.”  

Professor Rangabhasyam, driven by her personal experiences as a woman in the local business climate (and a recent widow), set out to help others learn tactics to bring their ideas to life using Capsim’s suite of business simulations.

The response was overwhelming.

In no time, Professor Rangabhasyam helped housewives and students alike realize the power of experiential learning to practice decision-making in a low-risk environment among their peers. 

From a Hobby to an Empowering Business

“I call myself a financial transformational coach, where I help people scale up on their finances and I teach them alternative revenue-making models,” Suman said. 

How does Professor Rangabhasyam accomplish this?

Gamifying learning simulations even further. Professor Rangabhasyam describes her three-part process, beginning with a “passion test.” She challenges her participants with: 

If you were in an idealistic world, where would you be? Take money out of the equation. 

“That’s when they start realizing that what is actual and what is in their mind are two separate things,” Suman began, “so they are living a dual life.”  

From there, students dive into one of several Capsim solutions based on their specific needs. They are given a time frame to complete the simulations, support from Professor Rangabhasyam's team, and customized reports to help them identify areas of improvement. There’s a big emphasis on the “feel good” component to support the program’s underlying goal of empowering learners.

Finally, Professor Rangabhasyam hosts a post-simulation session where students can share how they can connect the concepts to their own experiences and share stress points and solutions from their daily lives. 

Impacting Learners Beyond the Classroom and the Home

Once Professor Rangabhasyam realized she knew how to pinpoint people’s passions, she needed a way to give learners the skills they need to succeed. 

Professor Rangabhasyam's goal is to help her students monetize their passions and close that gap between expectation and reality. After the initial passion test, Suman takes her participant’s enlightened realizations and provides opportunities to practice principles that will monetize their passions using a suite of simulation-based learning solutions. 

According to Professor Rangabhasyam, Capsim’s simulation products have saved her countless hours assessing her learners as they improve business acumen and prepare to launch their businesses. And she devotes that saved time to helping her participants discover their passion while she continues serving hers: empowering others through hands-on learning. 



Suman uses CapsimGlobal, Capstone, and CapsimInbox: Escape Room to prepare her learners to make their business dreams a reality. This has provided women in Suman’s community a vital opportunity to test their skills and assess areas for development before ever having to invest a rupee.

Suman envisions India adopting simulations as a standard learning tool within a few years. She’ll continue teaching her 2,500+ students the power of immersive and engaging learning tools until then.

Discover the products SR Business Solutions uses to empower Entrepreneurial-Ready Women.

Capstone 2.0: Challenge students to put their business prowess to the test with this comprehensive business simulation ideal for strategic management and policy courses.

CapsimGlobal: Immerse students in business strategy on a global scale with this engaging business simulation ideal for international business courses.

CapsimInbox Escape Room: Engage, measure, and develop your learners with real-world experiences recreated in an immersive, day-in-the-life email simulation.

Business Simulations

Immerse learners in a risk-free environment where they operate and grow a multi-million dollar company in a dynamic and competitive market by making strategic, cross-functional business decisions. 

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Inbox Simulations

CapsimInbox is an award-winning, simulation-based assessment platform that uses the familiarity and flexibility of email to reinforce learning and objectively evaluate critical business skills in a real-world environment.

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