Build a Fully Capable Workforce
with Inbox Simulations

From accurately assessing soft skills to reinforcing learning with real-world experiences, Capsim gives you the tools you need to elevate every stage of the talent management process.
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of workplace issues are
caused by the lack of
employees' soft skills


of corporations find their
training to be ineffective


increase in employee turnover
as a result of insufficient
onboarding and training

Improve Performance and Reduce Turnover with Inbox Simulations

CapsimInbox is a simulation-based assessment platform that uses a familiar email environment to immerse your people in authentic, day-on-the-job situations and assess critical business skills.

Using our proven and validated technology, you're able to address skills assessment and development across the entire talent management lifecycle.

How to Upgrade Your
Talent Management Process with Inbox Simulations

Talent Management Process
Talent Assessment

Pinpoint the skills gaps holding your company back. Accurately measure the hard-to-measure skills that make or break
on-the-job success.

Talent Acquisition

Talk to your best candidates, faster.

Hire the right people by evaluating on-the-job skills that matter most to your business.

Onboarding & Compliance

Set new hires up for success.

Give employees a safe, real-world environment to get up-to-speed on the essential tools and processes for the job.

Training & Development

Reinforce learning with real-world experiences. Improve the transfer of learning by giving employees an immersive sandbox to apply critical concepts, risk-free.

Succession Planning

Uncover your emerging leaders.

Fast-track your high-potential employees by evaluating the skills every effective leader needs to possess.

Leadership Development

Level up your leaders. Provide the real-world experience and objective evaluation your leaders need to meaningfully develop and propel your company forward.

Become the Growth Catalyst in Your Organization

Stop relying on manual training processes that haven’t evolved and aren’t unique to the skills your workers need.


Transform your talent.
Transform your business.

Inbox Simulations help you assess and manage your talent management lifecycle, so you can:

  • Reinforce training with experiential learning
  • Accurately assess the skills that matter most to your business
  • Provide immediate, performance-based developmental feedback

Request a demo today and see how CapsimInbox transforms your talent management process and your business.



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Effective, Real-Life
Employee Training

Day-in-the-life simulations mirror real-life experiences in a particular role and help improve on-the-job performance.

Assess Soft Skills &
Skill Gaps Easily

Skill gap analyses helps eliminate the fear of making a bad hire, decrease hiring process time, and identify ideal candidates.

Clear, Actionable

Your team members get in-depth feedback showing which skill gaps to focus on, enabling your team to consistently improve.

Off-the-Shelf Simulations

Access a library of validated, pre-built simulations you can start using immediately.


Custom Built Simulations

Tailor your inbox simulations to the specific roles and skills you desire.

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