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Elevate your training and hiring. It's as easy as writing an email.

Capable employees. Happy managers. Continuous growth.

CapsimInbox provides the familiarity and flexibility of an email inbox to unlock the potential of your biggest asset: your people.


CapsimInbox Use Cases


Teaching Financial and Soft Skills

Ever felt like investing and the stock market were too complex to understand? Enter Rapunzl. They use CapsimInbox alongside their own investing simulation app to:

  • Help anyone learn the basics of the stock market and investing through gamifying real-life investment scenarios.
  • Open learners' eyes to a future career path in finance; students experience a full workday on the job in just 15 minutes.
  • Deliver scenarios that test initiative and drive, independent research, and integrity.
  • Develop necessary soft skills applicable in any work setting.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Using Simulations to Prepare Future Financial Analysts

S&P Global Market Intelligence prepares future financial analysts with a simulation-based certification training. Using CapsimInbox as a delivery vehicle, they partner with educators to train learners on their own market intelligence software in the context of a real Financial Analyst.

Reach HR

Streamlining the Interview process

Did you know recruiters can spend an average of two-thirds of their overall hiring time on the interview process?

Reach HR uses CapsimInbox to help cut their clients' interview processes in half by:

  • Building inbox simulations tailored to a role's specific skill set.
  • Having applicants go through the simulations.
  • Using the results to determine who gets an interview.

There Are No Limits to How You Can Use CapsimInbox!

Skills Gap Analysis
Certification Courses
Pre/Post Assessment
Interactive Case Studies
Hiring & Selection
Knowledge Checks

Experience Real-Life Work Situations in a Real-World Context

Whether you're creating a custom inbox simulation or selecting one from our library of pre-built solutions, CapsimInbox lets immerse your team in relatable, authentic scenarios.

Assess and Develop Critical Soft Skills

These are the crucial behavioral skills that will shape the A+ players and future leaders of your company. But they are notoriously hard to assess.

CapsimInbox helps identify strengths and weaknesses in critical behavioral skills like leadership, problem-solving, and communication.


Provide Immediate Feedback and In-depth Reporting

It’s nearly impossible to improve if you don’t have data and a gameplan.

CapsimInbox helps to develop learners’ self-awareness of their skills, allowing them to plan a course of action for improvement through a suite of tools:

  • Self-assessments
  • Skill-gap analysis
  • Developmental tactics
  • Individual development plan
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Become the Growth Catalyst in Your Organization

Stop relying on manual training processes that haven’t evolved and aren’t unique to the skills your workers need.


Off-the-Shelf Simulations

Access a library of validated, pre-built simulations you can start using immediately.


Custom Built Simulations

Tailor your inbox simulations to the specific roles and skills you desire.