Engage online learners with project-based learning.

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Online classes are increasingly becoming the norm in order to provide students with greater access to higher education. Not only do virtual classrooms potentially eliminate problems of limited class size, but they also provide students with one intuitive platform for tackling a semester’s worth of subject matter. Read more »

Not everyone is cut out to be a good manager.

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According to a new report by Gallup, organizations don’t choose candidates with the right talent to become effective managers 82% of the time. In general, Gallup found that only about one in 10 people has the natural ability to manage a team of people, and that only another two of the same 10 have some attributes of good managers and have the ability to succeed with coaching. Read more »

Do you trust your corporate training program?

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If your professional development strategies are starting to feel a bit stale, it may be time to switch things up. According to the Wall Street Journal, up to 90 percent of new skills learned during training programs can be lost within a year if there’s no proper follow-up. However, there’s certainly more to this statistic than how your company helps employees retain knowledge for the long term. Read more »

A business simulation can help you identify strong and weak managers.

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A business strategy simulation is a powerful professional development tool that allows you to see where your employees excel and identify strong leaders. However, in the same vein, this form of team assessment can also be used to identify areas in which your employees need to improve – it may even save you from promoting a bad manager. Read more »

Do you know how to recoup after a team fails?

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There are few feelings worse than failing to meet a goal, and in a professional setting, a failure can have a wide range of implications. While everyone suffers a loss now and then, a business can only stay healthy if the majority of its goals are achieved. Of course, without risk, there’s no reward, but this means that each failure should in many ways still be beneficial. Read more »


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A recent study by Erich C. Dierdorff* and Robert S. Rubin, two associate professors of management in the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University and co-directors of BusinessEducationInsider.com, revealed that self-awareness in the workplace significantly increases the probability of success. Read more »


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EDP – Marketing Department

Added a step within Task 3 to clarify how students can forecast sales using segment growth rates.

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