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A recent study by Erich C. Dierdorff* and Robert S. Rubin, two associate professors of management in the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University and co-directors of, revealed that self-awareness in the workplace significantly increases the probability of success. Read more »


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EDP – Marketing Department

Added a step within Task 3 to clarify how students can forecast sales using segment growth rates.

Stay tuned for our March enhancement release, when we’ll be rolling out updates to Capstone, Foundation, GlobalDNA, and TeamMATE. Please share any feedback you may have, as we strive to continuously improve your user experience.


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Using team feedback for development

Designed to provide ongoing feedback for individuals as well as the entire team, TeamMATE® pinpoints how behaviors are contributing to — or detracting from — team performance. Read more »

Creating a positive workplace culture is crucial to remaining innovative.

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Defining and developing a positive workplace culture is remarkably complex. Finding a balance of productivity, creativity and enjoyment in a corporate setting takes a deft touch and likely will have to continually be tweaked and adjusted. Creating a positive atmosphere is important both for maintaining employee morale and encouraging innovation. Read more »

Encouraging collaboration in the workplace is integral to general efficiency.

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Collaboration has become a buzzword in both academia and the corporate world. While this concept may seem somewhat overused, the reality is that in the age of technology – and really in general – collaboration is the most effective method of solving a problem. However, developing an organically creative and collaborative environment, especially in a working world that relies on individual productivity, can be rather challenging. To build teams that feel truly comfortable working together, here are five ways to encourage collaboration: Read more »


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Resolving conflict

When it comes to practically any team, conflict is inevitable. So rather than be concerned about it, the best teams harness that energy towards a positive outcome. There are two steps in conflict resolution. The first is simply to acknowledge conflict exists and not avoid the issue. Second is dealing with it proactively. Read more »

What causes some of the most prepared teams to fail?

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Whether you’re managing a startup or work for a major corporation, putting together a successful business team can be a daunting task. Though it may be easy to identify colleagues who are all superstars individually, compiling them into one team can still yield undesirable results. After all, if this weren’t the case, there would never be any underdog victories or unbelievable success stories. Sometimes the most unlikely business teams are best fit to get the job done. But why do some teams fail? And how can you develop a successful team assessment? Read more »