YALI Fellows at Capsim 2015

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As part of Notre Dame’s six-week course that focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership, these YALI Fellows use Capsim’s Capstone simulation to hone their business acumen. When they visited the Capsim offices on July 24th, their enthusiasm was infectious. Read more »

Social loafing is a common issue in academic teams.

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Studies have shown repeatedly that when individuals work in teams, social loafing can be an issue.. As instructors, preparing students for the business world, it’s important we address this phenomena early in order for students to become better team members and be successful in the business world.
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Team building is something every student needs to learn.

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Teams have become standard in the business world. Naturally, academic institutions have implemented team-based projects to help prepare students for the workplace. 90 percent of corporate leaders feel today’s problems are so complex they require teams to provide effective solutions. Read more »


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Team performance is crucial in the modern workplace. To better prepare students, most professors assign team projects. But without feedback, it’s easy for students to develop bad habits. One simple way to help students identify these negative behaviors is through peer evaluations. Read more »

Networking events allow you to grow your business or promote your company.

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Professional networking is often a fun perk of running a business: You get to meet new people, share ideas, make connections and promote your business, all in one setting. However, make no mistake, you will need a strategy when going to networking events, whether you’re running your own company or networking for a large corporation.  Read more »

There are several ways that managers can help their employees feel more prepared at work.

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While stress is bound to happen at any job from time to time, having too many overwhelmed employees can lead to less productivity and an all-around negative atmosphere in the workplace. There’s a big difference between the occasional bad day at work and burnout. Read more »

Have all generations come together to solve business problems.

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It’s an interesting time to be in business today, as there are sometimes three generations working together to fulfill corporate goals. Part of maintaining a healthy career plan for employees is creating an atmosphere where many types of people can feel confident in their work and stay productive. However, when things aren’t so harmonious, age difference is usually a go-to excuse. Read more »

Online learning gives students plenty of flexibility and independence.

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The Internet has changed many facets of life, including education. Learning in an online environment is a rewarding and exciting way to broaden students’ experiences, especially with innovations like simulation software. Read more »