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Many of the nation’s top MBA schools claim to convert today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. So how do you differentiate your program enough to stand out in the crowd?

Capsim introduces Capsim360, our newest assessment and accreditation solution that effectively captures key data on difficult-to-measure learning goals related to interpersonal and leadership skills.

Want to learn more? Join Dr. Erich Dierdorff, an expert in behavioral assessment, on January 27 at 1pm CST for a webinar entitled ‘Hard Measures for ‘Soft Skill’ Learning goals.

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Chicago, IL, November 19th 2015: Capsim celebrates another successful Capsim Challenge. This competition pits over 2,000 students from business schools around the world. The qualifying rounds were from Oct. 1st to Oct. 30th, while the finals were held in lightning round fashion over two days, Nov. 13th and 14th. Read more »


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Legendary business analyst Michael Porter, known for developing the three generic strategies and 5- Forces is also responsible for another valuable business tool: the value chain. This concept involves analyzing the process view of a company, looking at the various activities involved within its greater infrastructure – like staffing, equipment and raw materials – that determine the margin between costs and profits. Read more »


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Marketing and Product professionals need to understand where their products and those of their competitors are positioned in the market. Whatever their product, one of the most effective tools for illustrating product position is the perceptual map. Read more »


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Regardless of the industry, every company has to include sales forecasting into its greater management strategy. This data set helps establish sales goals in ever-shifting economic climate. Yet this data also involves a bit of guess work: As elements like buying signals and profitability change quite rapidly, businesses must be able to pivot their approach throughout the entire sales season. Read more »

Delegation is vital for effective office teams.

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The success of a business relies not on the work of an individual, but the efforts of an entire team. A key component for any successful team leader is the ability to delegate. By dividing up work-related tasks between team members, goals are achieved more efficiently. Read more »