Introducing BCIQ: A Quick and Reliable Way to Measure Cross-Cultural Skills and Knowledge

Today’s workforce needs the skills to lead in increasingly diverse cultural and geographical spaces. Aside from diversity and inclusion increasing a sense of fairness in the workplace, increasing diversity increases profitability. Now, with  Business Cultural Intelligent Quotient (BCIQ), educators have

‘Real-World’ E-Learning Through Microsimulations Webcast

Imagine you can evaluate your employees by how well they respond to situations through emails and instant messages. With microsimulations, you can. During this webcast, we discuss how custom microsims can make e-learning more authentic to your workplace. We also

Why Some College Dropouts Triumph, and What College Professors Can Learn from their Success

While much of the world feels like it’s crumbling to pieces, Amazon’s success during the pandemic has propelled Jeff Bezos to surpass anyone else on earth. He’s reached a net worth of $200 billion. His fortune equates to 1% of

A 24-Hour Race to the CapsimInbox Finish Line

By Caroline Kurdej I’ve written stories on ultrarunners that compete in 24+ hour races, spanning hundreds, if not thousands of miles. I adopted their determination, grit, and to some extent, borderline insanity, and created a CapsimInbox microsimulation in 24 hours.

The Best Online Tools and Platforms for Educators

By Shannon Kidwell With the global pandemic presenting a clear threat to educators and students worldwide, many schools are switching to online tools and platforms. To reflect this shift, a report from Global Industry Analysts predicts the e-learning market will

How to Build Authentic Assessments in Inbox

By Brendan Langen A great thing about creating a useful tool is its widespread application. Over the last several months, we have heard from dozens of interested authors who want to tell their unique story in the form of an

Authentic Assessment: The Ultimate Guide to Proactively Prepare Learners for Career Success

Students are unprepared for careers. They enter the workforce feeling “exhausted,” “lost,” and “anxious,” according to a Harvard Business Review article. Can authentic assessment have something to do with it?  At first glance, perhaps the weariness is generational. Millennials and

How I Used my Student-Athlete Experience to Help High School Recruits Navigate COVID-19

By Caroline Kurdej Two months after graduating from Northwestern University with a Master of Science degree in Journalism, and four months into my role as Content Strategist at Capsim, the opportunity to become an author arose.  “Why don’t you write