CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting and Business Analytics Now Available in Your Shopping Cart

We’ve been working closely with our educators on fine-tuning our products. After piloting CapsimInbox: Intro to Accounting for feedback purposes, our simulation passed in flying colors.  Now, Intro to Accounting and Business Analytics are available for purchase in your shopping

How One Passionate Educator is Using Real-World Experience to Create More Culturally Relevant Learning for Vietnamese Students

“You’re talking about a totally different world,” David Knock said. He has firsthand experience instructing high school and college students in Vietnam with limited learning resources. Educators are at the mercy of their instructional tools. No one knows this better

Capstone Simulation Prepares a DePaul University Honors Accountancy Student for Success after Graduation

For a while, all was well. Team Andrews spent hours together on Zoom bonding, sweating, and stressing over Professor LiVigni’s strategic management course. What the team failed to prepare for, however, was the dreaded emergency loan. Capstone 2.0 is an

Introducing CapsimInbox Pilot Pass
Introducing CapsimInbox Pilot Pass

After speaking with educators and learners in our community, one thing is certain: the future of higher education is ambiguous. This year has been challenging. Not feeling completely comfortable navigating online and switching to new solutions. Struggling with connectivity issues.

Authoring Platform Update 1.5: Timing Updates

After our most recent updates, we spent time bringing a more consistent format across the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. You’ll find that each page, from Skills to Administration, now follows an identical format with additional clarity on the page’s goal.

John Parnell on Crisis Management
CapsimInbox Crisis Management: “An Experience that Can’t be Duplicated.”

We see the news headlines all the time. Companies struggling to deal with devastating social media and PR scandals or other frivolous disasters, like Nike with Zion Williamson’s failed shoe support. Even President Obama stepped in to offer his support

Three Women. Three Time Zones. One Winning Microsimulation.

What’s better than sustaining relevant education in underdeveloped regions and the chance to win $5,000?  When Capsim partnered with GBSN Beyond to create a competition, we knew it would be a race to the finish from the start. We didn’t

The Science-Based Guide to Effective Teamwork (Pt. 3): Determining Learning on an Individual and Team-Level Basis

We’ve experienced it all as former students and current educators. Perhaps you recall problems as a team member working through classroom assignments in the past—unanswered emails from group members, lack of responsiveness leading to poor communication, and failed collaboration efforts.