Capsim Modular-XM Incorporates Innovative Features to Improve Student Exam Experience

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August 10, 2021
Capsim Modular-XM Incorporates Innovative Features to Improve Student Exam Experience

Capsim Modular-XM™ is a flexible exam platform that measures student proficiency against course learning objectives and streamlines reporting for accreditation. 

How many times has a student come up to you with, “I swear I saved the exam and earned an A!” before the internet crashed and lost their astoundingly spectacular scores? When it’s your word against theirs, it’s tough to dispute. We’re thrilled to share your life just got a bit better.

Students shouldn't have to worry about saving while focusing on an assessment. And you shouldn't have to worry about students forgetting to do so. 

We're enhancing the saving process in response to user feedback and to improve the user experience.

Modular-XM Auto-Save

Now, with our auto-save feature, we've eliminated the problem and enhanced the student exam experience. 

Exam progress will now automatically save immediately whenever an answer is selected or updated. A “Saving...” status indicates the question is being saved and the question will be marked as complete once the saving is processed. 

Capsim Modular-XM Screenshot

This update removes the previous process of manually saving answers by clicking the “Save Answer” button and ensures the final answer is always the last saved response. 

Modular-XM User Interface Updates

New school year, new us! We also brought subtle changes to the Modular-XM User Interface. Students will now see an improved, refreshed dashboard design. The dashboard layout has been updated to provide a better and clearer overview of the exam information and results.
Now, key metrics are easier to spot. The top navigation bar now includes course information and the student name. The "Overall Score" and "Full Results" sections are located directly beneath the Dashboard with the exam status.

Integrate Capsim Modular-XM Into your Course Today

If you’d like to learn more about Capsim Modular-XM and how it can be integrated into your course or curriculum, click here.

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