5 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time Developing Soft Skills

Hard skills are technical skills that are studied and learned in order to accomplish certain jobs. Traditionally speaking, these hard skills are what’s listed on your cover letter and resume because they’re what initially get you noticed by hiring organizations.

Soft Skills Lead to Career Growth
Soft Skills: The Best Way to Attain and Sustain Career Growth

Soft skills span personal attributes that are non-technical in nature. According to HubSpot’s Sophia Bernazzani, “Soft skills are the combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personality traits that make it easy to get along and

Soft Skill Improvement
How to Improve Your Employees’ Soft Skills

Organizations recognize the role of soft skills in determining employee progression and productivity. Yet, the majority of companies do a poor job at developing soft skills within their ranks.

Soft Skill Studies
Soft Skills: The Future of Business Education

Even though hard skills, or technical skills, can influence hiring decisions, studies suggest organizations place greater value on a candidate’s soft skills.

self-awareness assessment
How to Improve Accurate Self-Awareness

The term “self-awareness” is often thrown around in regard to personal and professional development. However, do we really understand what self-awareness is, and more importantly, how it relates to individual development?

Soft Skill Assessment Tool
CapsimInbox: Soft Skills Assessment Tool

When it comes to soft skill assessment, organizations tend to rely on traditional methods like assessment centers and personality tests. These methods however, are costly, time consuming, and subjective. In comparison, CapsimInbox is an affordable alternative designed to objectively assess

Soft Skill Improvement Solutions
Challenges of Effective Soft Skill Assessment

Before we begin discussing the challenges impacting effective soft skill assessment and development, let’s once again define what constitutes “soft skills.” Soft skills span personal attributes that are non-technical in nature. They reflect important interpersonal and decision-making capabilities that facilitate

Communication Soft Skill
Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

The importance of soft skills and their direct correlation to the success of an individual’s professional development is recognized by both educators and hiring organizations. So why do business schools struggle with the assessment and development of soft skills in