Teaching Ethics In An Ethically Challenged World

This series is dedicated to educators like yourself who teach business ethics in the classroom. It will lay out the ins and outs of business ethics every Friday for the next several months. We welcome your own thoughts and opinions as we attempt to create a discussion in business ethics for the academic community.

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Case Study Marries Simulation: A Perfect Match For Teaching Business Ethics

Capsim Management Simulations has introduced the first interactive business simulation with ‘plug-in’ case studies to provide students with ethical decision-making experience in a competitive business context.

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Featured Professor: Josephine Kershaw

Health Care Management classes may not immediately seem like a fit for Capsim business simulations, but University of Findlay in Ohio professor Josephine Kershaw Ph.D has found Capsim to be a linchpin for her course. “Using Capsim along with cases makes my class interactive by nature, which easily allows for improvement as students learn from their mistakes.”

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Featured Professor: Janis Dietz

Professor Janis Dietz wants her business classes to be as close to real life as possible, so she sets performance goals for her students during each round of Capstone Business Simulation in her course. If they reach their targets – just as in the real world – they earn a bonus.

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Capsim Announces 2011/2012 Product Enhancements

“I need help debriefing my class,” is one of the most common requests Capsim receives from professors. Well, the wait is over. Because of your suggestions, Capsim has launched a Debrief Rubric Report as part of its 2012 product line. Now, no matter what the situation, you can still deliver a comprehensive debrief to your students.

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