Three Women. Three Time Zones. One Winning Microsimulation.

What’s better than sustaining relevant education in underdeveloped regions and the chance to win $5,000?  When Capsim partnered with GBSN Beyond to create a competition, we knew it would be a race to the finish from the start. We didn’t

The Science-Based Guide to Effective Teamwork (Pt. 3): Determining Learning on an Individual and Team-Level Basis

We’ve experienced it all as former students and current educators. Perhaps you recall problems as a team member working through classroom assignments in the past—unanswered emails from group members, lack of responsiveness leading to poor communication, and failed collaboration efforts.

7 Steps to Retain Your Employees
Seven Steps to Retain Your Employees (that aren’t obvious)

In 2019, U.S. businesses lost a trillion dollars to voluntary turnover. That’s right, one trillion. Employee turnover gets expensive when organizations pay up direct exit costs once an employee leaves. Companies incur additional costs to recruit and train new hires.

The Simulation is Over… Can We Play Again?

How can we play again? was the question from enthusiastic students that kicked-off the original Capsim Challenge in the Spring of 2001. From there, the Capsim Challenge became a biannual event, giving students the opportunity to play either Capstone or

GBSN and Capsim Are Teaming Up to Create Culturally-Relevant Microsimulations for the Developing World

The relevancy of educational content is key to effective learning. Unfortunately, many underdeveloped and developing nations don't have access to quality learning materials. That’s why we partnered with the Global Business School Network. The nonprofit organization is already working with

Authoring Platform Update 1.4: Page Consistency

After our most recent updates, we spent time bringing a more consistent format across the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. You’ll find that each page, from Skills to Administration, now follows an identical format with additional clarity on the page’s goal.

Business Students Take Winning Lessons from a Tough Year

For the first time, women business students won both of the Capsim Fall Challenge competitions, in tournaments made more difficult both by upheaval in the education environment and added complexity in their simulation scenario. Sisi Ren, of York University in

How to Author a Microsimulation—Even if You Aren’t a Writer

By Caroline Kurdej I loved the student-athlete recruiting experience. So much that I wanted to share what it was like with the whole world. My previous blog posts shared my idea around creating an Inbox microsimulation for prospective college student-athletes,