How I Used my Student-Athlete Experience to Help High School Recruits Navigate COVID-19

By Caroline Kurdej Two months after graduating from Northwestern University with a Master of Science degree in Journalism, and four months into my role as Content Strategist at Capsim, the opportunity to become an author arose.  “Why don’t you write

Can Inbox Microsimulations Actually Parallel the Real-World? See What One Engineer Has to Say.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan, Mitchell Tvorik knew a world beyond engineering awaited. Spending countless hours drawing up ventilation system plans and creating improved prototype nutrunner tools wasn’t the future he envisioned. He

How to Get the Most Out of Team Projects (and Retain Your Sanity) in Virtual Environments

It’s challenging enough during “normal” times to create a learning environment where students are highly engaged, thinking critically, and effectively collaborating. Add to the mix the uncertainties of transitioning to blended or fully online courses and the challenges are amplified.

Introducing CapsimInbox Authoring Platform: A Transformative Way to Bring Authentic, Experiential Learning to Every Environment

Capsim, an online simulation and assessment software company, today announced the launch of the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. The web-based builder gives educators a user-friendly way to create inbox microsimulations. These simulated email experiences immerse learners in real-world scenarios, measure career

Evolving Online Education with Inbox Microsimulations

It’s been a tough year. From COVID-19, to social injustice, and online classes — our environment continually changes. What’s stayed the same?  Our commitment to education. The pandemic has necessitated that instructors from all over the globe learn what it

A New Tool for Thought

By Brendan Langen, Director of Product Design & Development at Capsim  Let’s briefly talk about tools for thought. From a simple frame, the goal of an educator is to prepare students for the future. We want students to grasp the

How Two Ph.D. Colleagues Contextualized Microeconomics

Many students find themselves in class directing blank stares at professors, wondering: How can I use this formula after graduation? Will I use this degree in real life? Before Dr. Christopher Mann joined academia, he owned a couple of businesses.

Capsim Partners with GBSN to Improve Access & Quality Education to the Developing World

This year has encouraged us all to adapt in many ways. That includes our approach to learning, and continued commitment to education. Today, we’re proud to share our partnership with Global Business School Network. The nonprofit organization partners with business